I have had the pleasure of knowing Shana for over 10 years; we began in a professional capacity that has led to a lasting friendship. Shana is a dynamic facilitator and her strength lies in leader development, training and coaching. Shana has led organizations through her training in a variety of settings and her ability to implement the power of change and innovative concepts in the sustainment and growth of an organization. She brings a passion and enjoyment to her craft in developing leaders at all levels.  Shana has always been focused on and committed to creating opportunities for staff and leaders through development and organizational success. Shana is a Houston native but she has touched a nation bringing her care, love, integrity, accountability, strength and laughter through the concept of The Real Single Moms.

She is dedicated to doing the best job possible and her enthusiasm is contagious.

She welcomes and embraces every opportunity to encourage and facilitate the success and development of others.

Continue to take the world by storm love
Kay N. Edwards-Montgomery, MMHRM
Director of Human Resources-Health Care

MoniqueHolms_Speakers_circle“Shana Naylor truly has a gift for connecting with people, and inspiring them to take control of their lives so they can be all they were created to be! When talking to Shana you feel like you are talking to an incredibly supportive and wise best friend who makes you laugh while simultaneously giving you the feedback and tools you need to better yourself and your life.”

Monique Holmes
Sales Strategist Business Development Expert


“My coaching experience with Shana has not only helped me to set and achieve goals, but more importantly, I have become more aware of what I want for my life.

I have become more confident with walking away from things and people that don’t fit in the vision. 

She constantly inspires me to Be Great!”

“Shana has a way of connecting with everyone in the room regardless of what title they hold.  I attended a company training and in her own authentic and real way.”


 “My life is forever changed.  I am a Dreamer again! She truly has a passion to see others Win!”


“My vision board is up Shana Naylor!!! The new me arose on yesterday. I believe that I will receive all and more than more heart desires.”  Flavia


TaraBotley_Speakers_circleMy name is Tara Botley and my life has been changed. Although it had a ticket price, it was priceless. Thanks Shana Naylor for doing beautiful things.

Tara Botley

ValerieRich_Speakers_circleShana Naylor was referred to me during my transition from Michigan to Texas.  She helped me find the right place in a very short time frame, just a weekend to be exact.  She communicated with me and worked diligently and was able to confirm housing before I made it back home.  She genuinely has a heart for people, she has since helped me connect with other women, which has made my move to Texas a success.

Valerie Rich