Take Control of Your Life Retreat

It’s More Than Just A Weekend Getaway

Ok I said retreat but it’s not your average retreat. We are going to work during the day and play at night…….. but first…..I’m inviting one of my good friends that will lead you through some transformational exercises that will allow you to go deep and identify what has held you back, kept you stuck and caused you pain. You will begin to find out who you really are, your true self…..the bold and fearless woman within.

I have so much planned this weekend!

In our gorgeous tropical paradise – and in the company of a small group of amazing, like-minded women:

You will release your past. Heal your soul. Detox your mind. Discover who you are. Gain clarity on vision, values and goals that are uniquely your own and redesign your unique purpose-driven life that brings you GREAT joy! While learning practical tools to help you transform your lifestyle when you return home.

Take Control of Your Life Today Vision Board Workshop

It’s time for you to unleash the greatness that’s inside of you. You will be surprised what this activity will do to your life.  Once we create your vision board and define goals to accomplish the things you want others may manifest in a unexpected way, sit back and watch the magic happen

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